»… without a doubt she reached the peak of the evening in Grieg’s soliloquy Autumn storm. Her sonorous and penetrating soprano spread out the church nave...«,
F. Križnar, SIGIC, Slovenia, 15. 10. 2021

»… the Slovenian lyric soprano, Pia Brodnik, possesses an admirable technique with impeccable pitch and flexibility that enables her to shape the phrases effectively with shimmering vocal colors that provide emotional core of each character. There is nothing waisted here as our heart is touched with directness and tonal beauty of her singing. The sound carries the message and that is what opera should do...«,
M. Keenze, Americal Academy of teachers of Singing, recorded on the Vissi d’arte CD release, 2016

»... we witnessed an extremely sovereign and mature performance...«,
M. F. Šauperl, Večer, Slovenia, 28. 6. 2013

»... soprano Pia Brodnik managed to convince in the technical sense with a clear diction and in the interpretive sense above all with a well-thought-out expressiveness that followed the individual semantic atmospheres of the text throughout the entire performance...«,
J. Weiss, magazine Glasna, page 36, Slovenia, 2009

»... very pitch reliable in overcoming of dissonant intervals, good diction, voice equality throughout voice registers and fully experienced interpretation...«,
K. S. Kovačič, Večer, Slovenia, 30. 3. 2007

»... the role of Dido by the soprano Pia Brodnik was full of singing, lofty and with sublime acting, restrained rather than lyrically greedy...«,
B. Učakar, Večer, Slovenia, 2. 2. 2005

»... with extraordinary ease and clear phrasing she mastered various musical styles...In her performance the compositions of Mozart, Handel and Bizet really shined...«,
A. Bratuž, Novi Glas, Gorizia, Italy 10. 11. 2005

»... great applause for soprano, clarinet and piano...«,
N. H., Glas Istre, Croatia, 19. 8. 2004

»...the second part of the concert was hers: dramatic and lyrical, passionate and dull...almost existentially combined with the poetic and musical tension of the material...«,
M. Žgavec, Delo, Slovenia, 27. 10. 2004

»... soprano Pia Brodnik always proved her creativity, perception and potential for inspiration, creation and precise intonation...«,
S. Pirraj, Bota sot – Svet danes, Priština, Kosovo, 10. 11. 2003

»...superb Arion concert...soprano Pia Brodnik with her ringing and clear voice...«,
F. Wakounig, Novice, Austria, 30. 5. 2003

»... it gave a brilliant Pia Brodnik as Anna Donner...especially in the aria about ticket, which ia a parody of Tamino’s aria about picture; she also gave some witty ideas, which were expressed in individual singing performances...«,
M. Žgavec, Delo, Slovenia, 12. 2. 2003

»... Pia Brodnik absolutely shone as a singer...«,
Glasbeni utrip, Program Ars, Radio Slovenia, 19. 2. 2003

»... excellent Pia Brodnik dared to seek and shout among the trumpets of the angels...«,
M. Žgavec, Delo, Slovenia, 13. 4. 2002

»... an exceptional interpretation by the soprano Pia Brodnik, who kept an intimate, calm, collected and almost relentless intensity in the work that lasted for fifty minutes, telling us of landscapes that remain invisible...«,
B. Turel, Glasbeni utrip, Radio Slovenia, 12. 4. 2000

»... the soprano Pia Brodnik conveyed without doubt, that her voice is pure and pleasing, rich in colour and well balanced...«,
P. Mihelčič, Delo, Slovenia, 24. 5. 1997

»...Pia Brodnik se montre, elle aussi, convaincante, dans le personnage dramatique de Donna Elvira...«,
M. R., La côte, Saint-Prex Genève, Switzerland, 29. 9. 1997

»... Pia Brodnik performed with great success the vocally demanding role of Mother. She was technically reliable and showed an ability for vocal and stage gradations...«,
J. Dobovišek, Večer, Slovenia, 22. 5. 1997

»... soprano Pia Brodnik is a singer with natural and expressive lyrical voice, which she masters perfectly. Her singing is emotional. At the recital she showed a genuine artistic attitude towards the art of song... the French part was particularly outstanding with warm interpretations and elegant emotional configuration...«,
B. Učakar, Delo, Slovenia, 20. 1. 1996