The Soprano Pija Brodnik is a singer with a natural and distinctively lyrical voice, which she handles with perfect mastery. Her singing is full of feeling and warmth.
Delo, Ljubljana

She performed the songs with excellent diction and in the original language.
Slovenec, Ljubljana

Pija Brodnik portrayed her role (the Mother) with convincing command.
Dnevnik, Ljubljana

The technical agility of her voice was corroborated in the ornamentations and melismatic embellishments of the two songs by Purcell.
Slovenec, Ljubljana

Pija Brodnik performed with great success the vocally demanding role of Mother. She was technically reliable and showed an ability for vocal and dramatic gradations.
Večer, Maribor

The soprano Pija Brodnik conveyed without doubt, that her voice is pure and pleasing, rich in colour and well balanced.
Delo, Ljubljana

The Slovene Pija Brodnik came to the fore, convincingly portraying the dramatic personage of Donna Elvira.
La Côte, Geneva

An exceptional interpretation by the soprano Pija Brodnik, who kept an intimate, calm, collected and almost relentless intensity in the work that lasted for fifty minutes, telling us of landscapes that remain invisible.
Radio Slovenija, Ljubljana

The warm and intimate voice of the soprano Pija Brodnik deserves to be mentioned.
Delo, Ljubljana